Ideal 2604 P6 – With Self Oiler


Price: £1708 + VAT

This Ideal 2604 cross cut shredder is a high security small office sized shredder which is efficient, robust and reliable. It’s a cross cut (so paper is shredded horizontally and vertically which is important for security) as it shreds paper to P6 security level (0.8x12mm) and can take up to 8 pieces of paper at a time.

Please note, this shredder does come with a self oiler which is what we recommend for high security shredders.

Shredder Information:

Dimensions: Height (926mm) x Width (495mm) x Depth (470mm)

Weight: 48kg

Paper Security Level and Cut Size: P6 (0.8 x 12mm)

Self-Oiler: Yes

Price shown includes VAT.

These shredders are normally imported from Germany where they are specifically made. This may incur a waiting time of approx 6 – 8 weeks. If you need a shredder urgently and you place the order with us then we may be able to loan you one of our secure shredders whilst you are waiting.

There is more information below:


These Ideal 2604 cross cut shredders are a great solution for easily shredding highly confidential paperwork and perfect for a small office sized capacity. They are efficient and run well which makes shredding your paper hassle-free! This is a small office shredder and so is suitable for medium quantities of paper, if you wanted a bigger shredder for an office size capacity it may be better to look at the Ideal 3105 or 4005 models (both of which are also high security p6 or P7).

The key features of this shredder are:

  • Increased Safety – there is a safety flap in the opening feed to keep away fingers and anything else that should not be near the cutting heads.
  • Large Shred Cabinet – The cabinet below the shredder head can be used with shredding bags which helps to keep shredded paper all in one place (we also sell shredding bags! See “products” then “consumables” then “shredding consumables” for our range or feel free to call us if you are not sure what size bags you will need).
  • Energy Usage – Plenty of energy saving features including automatic cut off for shredding head when not shredding.
  • High Quality Cutting Heads – one of the best features of these shredders it that their cutting heads are made from special hardened steel which makes them some of the most reliable and long lasting shredders in the market place.
  • Electronic Capacity Control – lights show you how much capacity you have used when putting paper in so it helps you to prevent jams when shredding.


The key data information for this shredder is:

Paper Sheet Capacity: 8-10 (70 g/m paper) OR 6-8 (80 g/m paper)

Shred Cabinet Volume: 125 litres

Power: 230 volts

Dimensions: Height (926mm) x Width (495mm) x Depth (470mm)

Weight: 48kg

Paper Security Level and Cut Size:P6 (0.8 x 12mm)


If you have any questions on this shredder please do not hesitate to call or email us (0151 336 2122 or where one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you are not quite sure if this shredder is suitable for your needs or if you would be better with a slightly different shredder then just ask us and we can ensure you have chosen the best shredder to suit what you need!  We also sell shredder oil and shredder bags and if you ever needed spare parts/repairs we have trained engineers that will help.

There may be a delay of approx 6-8 weeks for this shredder – we may be able to loan you a shredder whilst you are waiting if you need one urgently.