Guillotine Blade Sharpening

Call our team on 0151 336 2122 or email to discuss your guillotine blade sharpening requirements. 

We know that to keep your guillotine in good working order you need to maintain and sharpen your guillotine blade.

You can either post your guillotine blade to us and we will sharpen and send it back. Or we can visit your premises and remove the blade (and complete a health and safety check/service at the same time if required), change the blade and return your sharpened blade. 

Our prices:

If you are posting your guillotine blade to us then it is £25 + VAT and a £10 + VAT delivery return fee. (We will measure your blade to ensure it can be sharpened). 

Prices for us to attend and remove the blade and sharpen start at £50 + VAT (this is a local premises and a basic blade change, prices will increase with distance to cover travelling time and additional servicing time if required).