Duplo DBM 150 Bookletmaker System

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150 FR Booklet System The 150Fr Booklet System is the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaking solution.

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150 FR Booklet System The 150Fr Booklet System is the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaking solution. It features the DFC-100 collator and the DBM-150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer. The DFC-100 is a vertically arranged collator available in a 10 station configuration with an output speed of up to 4,200 sets/hour. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or connected to a bookletmaker. The DBM-150 is Duplo’s entry level bookletmaker designed for low to mid volume production. The 150Fr Booklet System is the most user-friendly system available in the market today. Compact footprint. The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer is 13% smaller than its predecessor the 120 system. The small footprint of this booklet system makes it easy to install in places with limited space. The 150Fr Booklet System is an ideal companion for low to mid volume users such as Quick printers, Copy shops and In-plants such as Schools, Universities, Churches to name a few. Despite its small size, this system can finish a wide range of applications. Media The 150Fr Booklet System can finish a wide range of applications. It can handle sheet sizes from 148mm x 210mm to 320mm x 450mm and paper weights from 64gsm to 128gsm. Reliable paper handling The 3 friction feed wheels ensure maximum contact with the paper for flawless and consistent delivery. It can feed bond, NCR, light card, folded sheets and even certain coated stocks. The separator pressure and tray pressure on each bin can be individually controlled. User-friendly The 150 bookletmaker and trimmer features a state of the art control panel, which is very simple and easy to use. The operator can set up a job in four simple steps. Overall the 150C Booklet System is an extremely user-friendly bookletmaker, which requires very little training. DFC-100 Panel DFC-100 Stacker DFC-100 Feeder DBM-150 Hand feed DBM-150 Staple Heads Automatic set-up The booklet size on the 150Fr Booklet System can be changed without any tools and takes only a few seconds. Simply select the required size and the guides and trimming position adjust automatically. If required, the operator can adjust the stapling position manually. Finishing modes The 150Fr Booklet System can finish side stapling, corner stapling and fold saddle stapling applications. It is also possible to produce fold only applications. Straight or Offset Collating The collating tray on the DFC-100 collator has a 78mm stacking capacity and can be run in offset mode or straight collate mode depending on the requirements of the job. The machine automatically stops when the catch tray is full so the machine can be left to run without continuous supervision. Block Mode The Block Mode programme enables the DFC-100 to be split in half aallowing the operator to load bins whilst another job is running, even with different paper sizes. This increases productivity & efficiency as down time is dramatically reduced. Trimmer The 150 trimmer is fully automatic and is programmed from the 150 bookletmaker. The operator can adjust the trimming position from 1 to 20mm. Hand-feeding The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer can be used as a stand-alone system. The operator can manually feed sets through the hand feeder, which is ideal for very short run or pre-collated jobs. Modularity This modular system can be customised according to the end users needs, allowing them to configure and expand as their demands change. Specifications DBm-150, DBM-150T Booklet size Saddle stapling and folding Side stapling (option) Length 210 to 450 mm Width 148 to 320 mm Length 210 to 231 mm Paper type Fine quality: 64 to 127.9gsm Art/Coated: 104.7 to 127.9gsm Stapling Thickness Fine Quality: within 2.5mm (Maximum of 25 sheets regardless of paper weight) Art/Coated: within 2.0mm (Maximum of 20 sheets regardless of paper weight) Max processing speed 2400 sets/hour (fine quality 81.4 gsm / within 10 sheets saddle staple/fold Asheets saddle staple/fold A5 finished) Stapler ISABERG RAPID R952 Stapling width 70, 108, 160, 258, and 276mm Trimming waste width 1 to 20 mm Number of sheets that can be trimmed 4 to 50 sheets Staple capacity 5,000 staples per cartridge Detecting function Paper jam (in-feed section, stopper section, ejecting section), Staple near empty, Corner and Side Staple Kit detection, Cover open/close, Knife stop position error, Motor overload detection, Folding roller gap Operation panel LCD control panel (DBM-150) Noise emission Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level: 75.2 Sound pressure level: 92.5 (measured at 1 m away from the control panel, 1.5 m from the floor) Power supply 120 to 240 V 50/60 Hz Current consumption DBM-150: 130W 1.2-0.7A DBM-150 + DBM-150T: 230W 2.2-1.1 Net weight 137 kg Specification DFC 100 Feeding stations 10 bins Feeder capacity 28mm (330 sheets of 64gsm) Paper receiving table capacity 78mm Paper delivery direction Right side: Stacker Left side: Finishing equipment (Bookletmaker) Max process speed 70 sets per minute A4SEF (Straight stacking) 65 sets per minute A4SEF (Offset stacking) Belt speed Feeding belt speed: 836mm/sec Transport belt speed: 835mm/sec Eject speed: 854mm/sec Additional function Offset/Straight stacking, Interleave insertion, Block Mode feeding, Paper ejection, Tandem configuration Options Cabinet/Base Packaging Dimensions 1090 x 650 x 675mm Net Weight 66.6Kg Corner and Side Staple Kit Paper Size 200×180 – 320x231mm Number of sheets Fine quality 2 – 25 sheets (81.4gsm, A4SEF or LTR) Art, Coated 2 – 20 sheets (127.9gsm, A4SEF or LTR) *1 Maximum thickness of booklet Fine quality 2.5mm *2 Art, Coated 2.0mm *2 Processing speed 2,400set/h (A4 or LTR, 81.4gsm, 10 sheets) *1 There are restrictions for quantity of stitch when using cartridge by paper with regards to weight and number of sheet. *2 There are restrictions by paper weight. The maximum number of sheets must not be exceeded.

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