Laminator Repairs

Call our team on 0151 336 2122 or email us to discuss your laminator repair.

We know that when your laminator breaks it can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient.

Our laminator repair process:

Step 1 – Phone our team (0151 336 2122) and we can discuss what the problem is. We will ask the laminator model and what the problem is. E.g. not turning on, not heating up, pouch jammed in laminator rollers.

Step 2 – We will suggest if you are local that we visit the machine and arrange a mutually convenient time to attend to repair the laminator. If you are not local the laminator will need to be posted. We will need to know when this has been dispatched and when to expect it (rough time and date for delivery).

Step 3 – We will investigate the problem. When we know what the issue is we can advise on prices for the repair. (Machine investigation is £25 + VAT).

Step 4 – We will get parts in and repairs machine, this will then be posted back (If sent to us) when it is back in working order.

If you are local we may have a suitable loan laminator if you require. If you laminator is not repairable or not justifiable to be repaired, we can make suggestions and recommendations as to what new laminator would meet your requirements.