IDEAL Shredder Oil


Price: £20 + VAT

This IDEAL shredder oil (1 litre bottle) is for the IDEAL branded self-oiling shredders that slot into the sides of the machine.

We advise that shredders should be oiled regularly to ensure that they are being maintained and stay in a good working order. Designed to enhance the running of your shredder to help it run smoothly and effectively.

We sell other consumables for shredders, including shredder bags (see “Consumables” – “Shredder Consumables” – “Shredder Bags”) and also shredder parts/repairs.

Price includes VAT and our aim is to deliver within five working days. 


Why Oil Your Shredder?

  1. Keeps it running efficiently
  2. Helps your shredder to last for longer as it is better maintained
  3. Means there are less jams/blockages in your shredder

Why Not Just Use Any Oil?

This shredder oil has been designed especially to deal with the small particles of paper and reside from paper that can remain on the cutting heads in the shredder. Other oils may cause the paper to clump together and make the issue worse rather than making the machine run better.

How Do I Use My Shredder Oil?

This shredder oil is designed to work with the IDEAL Self oiling range of shredders.  This bottle it to replace the bottle on the side of your shredder.


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