Shredder / Guillotine Servicing

Why should I service my shredder?

We advise shredders are serviced regularly to prevent fire risk.  Paper dust builds up within the cutting head and by the motor which when it gets hot, can be a fire hazard.  Also, to ensure no items such as credit cards, plastic and metal are stuck and causing damage within the shredder head.  Shredder servicing will help with with preventative maintenance and predicting if parts/costs are going to be needed soon due to excessive wearing.

Why should I service my Guillotine?

Due to the sharp blade which is integral to the guillotine, we advise that a health & safety check is conducted every 6 months.  Within our service we will carry out a health & safety check, blade change & sharpening (if required) and oiling. Any repairs such as reallignment, covers not holding up and parts not working can be looked at and quoted for during a service.

Regular servicing of machines is advised to maintain and keep machines running efficiently.

Shredder servicing :  £75.00 + VAT (includes H&S check).

Guillotine Servicing : £75.00 + VAT (this includes H&S check and realignment of blade).

+20.00 for blade change and blade sharpening.

Servicing does not include new parts.